Health Highlights: June 30, 2021

Here's some of HealthDay's top storiesfor Wednesday, June 30:

Delicious but deadly. Fried chicken, pork rinds, Red Velvet cake: Southern foods are tempting, but new research suggests a steady diet of such fare can raise your odds for sudden cardiac death. Read more

Could the 'mono' virus help drive long-haul COVID? It's still just a theory, but a small study of people suffering the fatigue of 'long haul' COVID-19 found that many had high, 'reactivated' levels of the Epstein-Barr virus implicated in mononucleosis. Read more

COVID vaccine offers poor protection to myeloma patients. In a new study, many people battling the blood cancer myeloma showed no antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines. This group may require extra precautions and even a 3rd dose of vaccine to gain protection.Read more

A U.S. vaccination plateau? A survey of American adults from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that while 65% have now gotten at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, only 3% of those who haven't still plan to do so.Read more

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