Health Highlights: Sept. 30, 2021

Tracking Key Protein Helps Predict Outcomes in TBI Patients: When people suffer a severe head injury, it's hard to predict how they will fare in the long run. But a new study suggests that simply measuring a protein in the blood could help doctors tailor treatments and prepare families for the future. Read more

CDC issues urgent plea for pregnant women to get vaccinated: With only a third of women in this group immunized, health officials made a strong push for getting the shots.Read more

New report finds toxins in baby foods a continuing problem: Despite an earlier report that called for action, a new congressional report finds some companies are still selling baby foods that contain potentially unsafe levels of heavy metals. Read more

Smartwatches may soon spot viruses before symptoms appear: The study focused on the H1N1 flu and the common cold, but researchers hope to apply the technology to new viruses like the one that causes COVID-19. Read more

LGBQ teens more likely to consider suicide: In new findings, researchers discovered that these kids struggle with suicidal thoughts at a younger age -- with an increased risk appearing as early as age 10.Read more

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