Health Highlights:  April 1, 2022

U.S. surgeons' group working to save trauma victims in Ukraine. The American College of Surgeons' STOP THE BLEED program is helping train people in the war-torn country on how to care for wounds inflicted on soldiers and civilians.Read more

Early promise from experimental drug to treat Alzheimer's disease. When 26 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease took SAGE-718 daily for two weeks, they showed marked improvements in tests measuring thinking function, researchers report.Read more

Heart disease is women's leading killer. Speaking with HealthDay Now, experts say that for too long, research on cardiovascular health has focused on men -- and that needs to change. Read more

House passes bill to limit insulin costs to $35 per month. Costs for the diabetes med have soared in recent years, but will the legislation gain enough Republican votes to pass in the Senate?Read more

First human-challenge trial of COVID-19 yields key insights. The study, in which a group of 35 volunteers intentionally contracted the illness, revealed that just a tiny 10-micron droplet from a cough or sneeze can make someone sick. Read more

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